Đèn LED chụp ảnh hai màu 18 inch với chân máy

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Mục chi tiết cụ thể:
  • Chứng nhận: CE, FCC, RoHS
  • Input Voltage: AC:100-240V/50-60HZ
  • Công suất đầu ra: 80W
  • Lumen: 6400LM
  • CRI: 95
  • Nhiệt độ màu: 3200-5600K
  • Số lượng LED: 480PCS
  • Tuổi thọ LED: 50000 giờ
  • Dimming Mode: P10-100
  • Đường kính trong: 315mm
  • Đường kính ngoài: 450mm
  • Pin: Không
  • Màu: Màu đen

Tính năng, đặc điểm:

  • This is an 18-inch Bi-color temperature fill light with high color rendering index and power.
  • What makes it special is that it can use two phone holders and a microphone at the same time.
  • This is very convenient for you to use when broadcasting.
  • And it has a USB hole to charge your mobile device.
  • We provide a USB cable for you.
  • This fill light is widely used in indoor and outdoor shooting, makeup, live broadcast, tattoo and etc.. Guaranteed quality.

Danh sách các gói:

  • 1* 18-inch ring light
  • 1* Power cord(EU/AUS/US/UK)
  • 1 * Túi
  • 3*phone holders or 2*phone holers and 1*microphone holder
  • 1 * hộp
  • 1 * Chân máy

Lưu ý:

  • The phone and microphone are not included. 
  • Regardless of whether the "ZB-R18" logo is on the back of the lamp, they are all the same product and are genuine. We will ship randomly.
  • Due to factory supply problems, boxes and bags will be different, we have black and orange bag, some bags and boxes not have the "fosoto" logo, but they are all the same lamps, we will ship them randomly.
  • Because the production batches are different, the accessories are different. Some packages contain 3 mobile phone brackets, and some packages contain 2 mobile phone brackets and 1 microphone bracket. We will distribute it randomly.
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Hoàn hảo!


Very good. Like. But thought that the light was stronger. But OK. Delivery very fast 2 days in Portugal Recommend the store


Hello, Received on time. I took the most powerful found 80w, but despite all the lighting does not spread enough and the ends are darker, tested at different level (of course). At A certain height even in full power the lighting is too low to take pictures with hands raised (100 or 200 ISO speed 80). I think it remains a very good product (to see in time). Cordially


The goods arrived at the specified time, as in the picture. Quality is good. In stores, we have such much more expensive. To buy I recommend definitely, for the master PM/tattoo is the right thing.

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