Bột chiết xuất Wild Yam hữu cơ

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Mục chi tiết cụ thể:
  • Số miếng: Một đơn vị
  • Loại: long lanh
  • NET WT: 100g-1000g
  • Ingredient: Organic Wild Yam
  • Sử dụng: Cơ thể
  • Số mô hình: 586985

Why Wild Yam Extract Powder:

  • Organic Wild Yam Extract Powder, commonly known as colic root or Mexican wild yam is native to China and North America. Wild yam, whose botanical name is Dioscorea villosa, is a tuberous vine (and not a root, as it is normally thought) that grows in wet and humid regions. It can be found growing in thickets all over the world, where there is a tropical, subtropical, and temperate climate.
  • Wild yam and its extract have been used in many countries around the world for their many benefits.
  • Yam is a common dish in our life. It has a sticky texture in the mouth. No matter it is stir-fried or in soup, it has a different flavor. It is not only delicious food but also has a pharmacological effect. Dioscorea contains mucin, amylase, and other substances, and the content is relatively rich. If you eat it often, it can strengthen your body and delay aging.
  • Organic Wild Yam Extract Powder contains a large amount of mucoprotein, which can supply the human body with many kinds of glycoproteins. It can increase the lubrication of mucous membrane and skin, and reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. It is good beautiful food.

Chức năng chính:

  • Replenishing the spleen and stomach.
  • Promoting fluid secretion and benefit the lung.
  • Strengthening the kidney.
  • Increasing the hormones and regulating the body functions.
  • Increases Skin Lubrication & Reduces The Accumulation of Subcutaneous Fat
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