Bộ làm mát máy tính xách tay im lặng LED RGB có thể điều chỉnh

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Mục chi tiết cụ thể:
  • Radiator Type: Air-cooled
  • Đóng gói: Có
  • Application Laptop Size: Under 17 inch
  • Số mô hình: Q7675
  • Chất liệu: Nhựa
  • Function: Turbo Notebook cooler, Dimensional wind speed adjustable Notebook stand, laptop cooling stand, cooler
  • Style: Multi-function turbo radiator / breathing gradient light, Leafless fan dissipates faster, Portable radiator bracket

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Delivery in 4 days in St. Petersburg from the day of order. The order came to the point of issue in the nearest store Pyaterochka. The box is packed in a regular package without protection, but came without damage. The cooler is just super! There are no other words. I have a laptop Lenovo IdeaPad 330 17 "(with a creepy cooling system). At full speed of the cooler, the processor temperature with the game running is 70-72 degrees. No extra. Cooling scales for 80. The cooling pad does not go into any comparison with this thing. The noise at full turns is almost the same as from the cooler in the laptop itself. The backlight works, has three modes. Definitely recommend the product!


It blows a powerful increase can and is, but cyberpanktyn saved, in other games until I looked, at least as a fan top


The goods arrived quickly, courier delivery, because of which I had to change the address, the default address indicated the post office. The turbine itself is steep, at maximum power the drone does not interfere in any way, any better than the cooler laptop. My HP Omen 17 "got up perfectly, even it was more convenient to use, TK now it is inclined. Does not slip. I recommend to purchase.


Good time of day to all readers, in my village in Hawaii drove the goods for a long time, as explained in the service of the KCE couriers are going outside the city the city One. In a word, the Mail would have been faster. As for the ham, it works, it blows, but the laptop is not stable on it, the cover is now not closed, I blow out from the side of the laptop, it three speeds! Used before this stand with fans 1 large and 4 Less, broke down, bought this one, I do not regret buying.


I liked the product, I did stress tests, I will not say that the temperature falls strongly, but the body of the laptop became much colder, which is already good. In the games I did not play much for a long time, but the notebook became less trile and it pleases. In a word, I'm happy with the purchase

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